Astra DB

Your NoSQL app just got 85% faster.

Astra DB gives you serverless NoSQL at up to 85% faster P99 performance over the leading Cassandra DBaaS alternative*.

Powered by Apache Cassandra®, Astra DB helps developers build apps in hours, without the cost or pain of self-managed operations. Reduce deployment time and costs, grow with pay-as-you-go pricing, and enjoy the freedom of multi-cloud-and open source.

(*) Astra DB found to have 70% to 95% better P99 performance vs. three leading market alternative DBaaS when tested on three standard workload types using NoSQL bench. Results may vary.

Before you decide: Zoom in on Astra DB’s advantages over AWS Keyspaces.

  • Unlock the latest Cassandra features
  • Experience top data security across multi-cloud and multi-region
  • Simplify dev with plug-and-play API integration
  • Lower costs with no minimum spend

100% Cassandra-Compatible

Get the most from the latest Cassandra features so you can unleash its full power to spin up your next cluster faster, easier and at a lower cost.

Plug-and-Play APIs

Accept no limitations. Access your data stacks with automatic APIs that reduce data-access code and accelerate performance across functions.

No Headaches or Fees

Deploy on any cloud, in any region—without unnecessary hassles or costs. Dev, test, stage, launch—and relax—with the only solution that’s built for Cassandra.

Finally—a true Cassandra experience with zero limitations.

Astra DB offers the safest, fastest way to move and run your database workloads in the cloud. Forget costly and time-consuming operations and infrastructure and go from code to cloud at top speed. Astra DB’s microservice, distributed architecture, and autoscaling give you the agility, performance, and cost-savings you need in one name. Choose the only Cassandra-compatible DBaaS to step up your serverless game on any cloud.
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