Astra DB

Step up your serverless game

Power up app performance when you match serverless functions with a serverless NoSQL database. With autoscaling, invisible ops and pay-as-you-go pricing, Astra DB accelerates cloud functions end to end—from function to database—and handles structured and unstructured data on any cloud.

  • Connect to data using APIs
  • Automate operations end to end
  • Go global or multi-region for less
  • Expand serverless function use cases
By going serverless with DataStax Astra DB, we’ve reduced the operational costs for our Cassandra database platform by an order of ten.

Praveen Viswanath

Co-Founder and Enterprise Architect, Alpha Ori Technologies

Astra DB built on Apache Cassandra is available on AWS Marketplace

  • Consolidated billing through your AWS account
  • Pay as you go with no upfront commitments
  • Easier, self-service procurement
  • Retire your EDP commitment

Supercharge serverless

Go beyond stateless, compute-only use to eliminate capacity headaches. Harmonize function and database to improve service availability and performance.

Ramp up NoSQL APIs

We make handling data from your functions serverless and simple. Automatic APIs reduce data-access code and accelerate performance across functions.

Go global for less

Deploy on any cloud, in any region or regions—at industry-leading pay-as-you-go pricing. Co-locate functions with data to achieve data sovereignty and expand your services.

Serverless computing without a serverless database holds you back. Step up your cloud-native applications game.

Forget costly and time-consuming operations and infrastructure and go from code to cloud at top speed. Astra DB’s microservice, distributed architecture and autoscaling give you the agility, performance and cost-savings you need in one name. Pick the platform of the pros and step up your serverless game on any cloud.
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