Astra DB

Don’t give a shard about your Temporal database

Improve workflow durable execution with Cassandra’s seamless replication and unlimited scale out - just add nodes.

Leave mySQL and Postgres clustering headaches in the past with DataStax Astra DB, the only serverless, autoscaling DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra®.

Durable Workflow Execution ++

Astra DB takes care of Cassandra operations so you can focus on your Temporal app code.

Multi-Cloud Database

Astra DB supports Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure and more.

Database Deployment Flexibility

Can’t use a DBaaS? Try and deploy on EKS, GKE, or AKS.

Build scalable Temporal workflows in the cloud without having to manage the ops.

When you choose the (fully supported) option to back Temporal with Astra DB, your Temporal deployment can handle a massive amount of data, without sacrificing availability, scalability, or query performance. Deploy globally or even multi-region using Cassandra’s proven, bulletproof replication.
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Need help? Check out the Astra DB Developer Resource Page. Join the leaders and create apps faster with Astra DB