The Challenge

The booming inter-connectedness of mobile devices is rapidly expanding data volumes; growth in the virtual workforce, and an explosion of high-speed data causing legacy systems to struggle with uptime. Amplifying the issue is real-time communication and collaboration between diverse user groups and applications. Legacy messaging platforms are not designed to effectively address the challenges.

Why DataStax?

Real-time monitoring and alerts across channels, sites and data centers facilities interactions via online discussions, social media engagement and shared activities. Easily manage high volumes of dynamic data to store, search and analyze user activity. DataStax is optimized for continuous availability and disaster recovery and makes the management of large scale messaging solutions easy.

Cassandra helps business scale to any size
Number of mobile messages routed by
New York Times every day
One-to-one daily interactions between
businesses and Constant Contact customers
Messages per second delivered by Accenture to customers worldwide using Cassandra
Other users of Apache Cassandra for Messaging
Tel. +1 (650) 389-6000 Offices France GermanyJapan

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