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The Hybrid and Multi-Cloud NoSQL Database

Built on Apache Cassandra™ and designed from the ground up to run anywhere, on any cloud, in any datacenter, and in every possible combination. DataStax delivers the ultimate hybrid and multi-cloud database.

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DataStax Acquires The Last Pickle
DataStax's Sam Ramji discusses Datastax's acquisition of The Last Pickle, a Cassandra consulting and services firm that’s behind a number of popular open-source tools for the distributed NoSQL database.
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Your Data. Anywhere. Anytime. All the Time. No Matter What.

DataStax empowers you to build data-driven applications that set the standard for performance, availability, and scale.

How DataStax Delivers Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

DataStax brings you the ultimate hybrid cloud deployment flexibility, enabling you to build killer apps by making Apache Cassandra easy and enterprise-ready.

Database Done Right in the Cloud

Built, used, and open-sourced by cloud pioneers like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax are the most battle-tested and proven cloud database technologies on the planet.

  • Runs anywhere—on any cloud, across clouds, in any datacenter, and in every possible combination of each.
  • Delivers the ultimate in cloud database deployment flexibility, scale and freedom.
  • Exploits all the technical benefits of the cloud while also supplying an attractive pricing model. 
DataStax Cloud Platform

The Operational Database For 21st-Century Applications

Apache Cassandra and DataStax provide the only database technology capable of meeting the demanding requirements of today's widely distributed applications.

  • Is literally indestructible; no possibility of downtime, data loss, or performance ceilings.
  • Scales in a way that indefinitely future proofs your applications.
  • Effortless and transparently puts your data anywhere in the world for customer interactions.
Cloud Database
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What Developers Want in a Database

Cloud-ready? Check. Always available? Check. Handles any and all kinds of data? Check. Seamlessly integrates into your application frameworks? Check.

DataStax delivers a database that looks like an RDBMS with a SQL-styled language but without the architectural limitations of legacy database technology. Our smart development tools help even burgeoning developers write database code correctly the first time, and they seamlessly integrate with key developer technologies like Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, and containers.

The Sound Of Success

Used by developers and organizations worldwide, see how our customers are leveraging DataStax to power their initiatives.

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"DSE Search is very versatile in nature and provides many options to query the data, including ranged queries, regular expression based search, non-equality based search and faceted queries - which are all tempting to use."

Javed Roshan, Director of Data Services

Director Data Services, CapitalOne
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"We started evaluating HBase, MongoDB and Cassandra. In benchmarks, Cassandra was just beating the crap out of every other database we looked at. Plus there were other reasons - such as active-active, which is why we went with Cassandra."

Hatinder Chawla, Manager, Architecture and Engineering,

Manager Architecture and Engineering, Cisco
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"With DSE, we’re now seeing an increase in clickthrough rates of 30 percent and our data science team feels empowered to make more informed decisions for their models, driving to better consumer engagement."

Antonino Rau

Director Data Engineering & Intelligence, Condé Nast

What's Happening At DataStax?

Getting Started with NoSQL and Apache Cassandra™

If you’re a data architect, data scientist, or application developer familiar with relational databases, this guide provides an opportunity to learn how to sharpen your skills, with advice from the foremost experts in distributed database technology, so you can swiftly migrate to Apache Cassandra™ and build the next generation of powerful applications. In this ebook you’ll learn the following: Key differences between Cassandra and relational databases How to translate your relational database skills to Cassandra How to get started quickly Download the ebook today to start your journey.

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The (near) Future of Databases with Jonathan Ellis

DataDay Texas presentation on the predictions on the future of machine learning, the cloud, open source, hardware, and graph databases within the next 5 years.

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