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Imanis Data

Imanis Data (formerly Talena) delivers optimized backup, recovery, test data management and archive functions for modern data platforms like DataStax, enabling users to prevent data loss, minimize compliance risk, and deliver applications faster. The award-winning Imanis Data software helps companies greatly reduce overall capital and operating costs while improving business agility. Based in Silicon Valley, Imanis Data is backed by Canaan Partners, Intel Capital, ONSET Ventures, and Wipro Ventures.
Imanis Data and DataStax
Imanis Data solves the key big data management challenges facing companies that deploy modern data platforms like DataStax Enterprise (DSE). Applications deployed on top of DSE are often mission-critical and the Imanis Data data management solution minimizes the impact of data loss, reduces compliance risk, and enables customers to deploy applications faster. As a result, Imanis Data, in conjunction with DSE, enables enterprises to meet application service level agreements (SLAs), support compliance mandates, and improve their overall business agility.