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Build Modern Applications on Microsoft Azure

DataStax is built on Apache Cassandra™ which makes building and scaling applications dramatically easier. Meet changing business requirements with a geo-distributed database and take advantage of support from our team of Cassandra experts for design, configuration, and monitoring so you can focus on your business.


Get to Production Quicker

Built, used, and open sourced by cloud pioneers like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, Cassandra is the most battle-tested and proven cloud database technology on the planet.


Simplify App Development

Cassandra and DataStax’s unique masterless architecture, which delivers infinite scale, ridiculously fast performance, and zero downtime, is a key advantage enjoyed by those leading the pack <link to customers page> in cloud-powered businesses.


Unified Billing and Support

Our service offers a simple on-demand pricing model with no hidden costs with integrated billing and support available through the Azure Marketplace for a predictable and seamless experience. Plus, there’s the added flexibility of being able to move your data easily between the cloud and on premises to optimize your performance and budget.

How Can DataStax in the Cloud Help You?

Whether you are already running in the cloud, still in the planning phases, or somewhere in between, you’ll excel with our technology and benefit from our many years of helping other market leaders succeed with their cloud applications.


A database is at the heart of every online retail and ecommerce application. And that database will either limit and prevent you from effectively competing in the digital marketplace or it will be your biggest competitive advantage. 

  • The core technology of Cassandra provides you with the gold standard of transparent global data distribution across all clouds and in hybrid deployments with infinite scale and zero chance of downtime. 
  • Improving upon Cassandra’s open source foundation, DataStax Enterprise delivers advanced functionality such as enterprise security, integrated analytics, enterprise search, increased performance, graph database functionality, and so much more to help modern applications excel.
  • DataStax provides the visual development tools, top language drivers, key connectors to technologies like Apache Kafka™, and online education to make your developers instantly productive. 
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Financial Services

It’s time for your database to evolve and support your next-generation, real-time data and analytics strategy that legacy databases such as an RDBMS weren’t built for. DataStax not only provides a 21st century database that's purpose-built for the cloud, it also makes the move to the cloud a cost-savings event.

  • DataStax database platforms contain the modern functionality required to help you avoid the frustrating process of trying to fit an RDBMS square peg through the modern cloud database round hole.
  • Real-time data and analytics at scale will bottleneck with legacy databases. Offloading to the cloud makes it easy to take advantage of modern database innovations and architectures. DataStax helps ensure consistent your performance and scale—even with hybrid applications. 
  • Don't be slowed down with security and compliance. DataStax ensures identity management for authentication and authorization, as well as end-to-end encryption and auditing.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

With competition getting more intense every day, empowering your workforce, delivering new services, and optimizing digital operations will help you reimagine application development. But doing so requires connecting large amounts of data from multiple environments, analyzing it in real time, and getting the results back into the hands of decision-makers. 

  • No database on the planet can collect and process large amounts of data faster than Cassandra and DataStax, a fact proven time and again in industry benchmarks. 
  • Integrated analytics with Apache Spark lets you quickly analyze transactional data flowing through your database and make decisions in record time. 
  • Manage and store data at scale, making it accessible in real time so it can be analyzed, cross-correlated, and used to make critical data-driven decisions. 
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Ready to Get Started?

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Introducing DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ on Microsoft Azure

Editor's Note: Effective February 1, 2020, DataStax will no longer be selling DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra. For enterprises interested in support for Apache Cassandra, DataStax Luna is available. Go to for more details. A wide variety of companies around the world are leveraging open source databases and hybrid or multi-cloud to deliver modern applications with Apache Cassandra. Increasingly, these organizations are looking to consume Cassandra services on clouds to boost the productivity of development teams and reduce the operational overhead of setup, ongoing management, and performance optimization. DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra is a production-ready database that is 100% open source compatible and supported by DataStax, the Apache Cassandra experts. By making our offering available on Azure, we are providing developers with a simple, cost-effective way to build, deploy, and scale Cassandra-based applications in the cloud. Easy to get started DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra clusters on Azure are pre-configured and designed to deliver a frictionless environment for developing highly available applications while minimizing upfront configuration and cost. Our simple deployment using best practices for Azure means you reduce the time it takes to get started from days to minutes. Our production-ready Cassandra clusters can be deployed in a few easy steps and scale seamlessly as requirements grow. Your cluster will automatically spread across Azure fault domains for built-in high availability. Also provided is a virtual machine that helps kickstart your application development with docs, clients, support, training, videos, and more. Open source compatible DataStax has been the driving force behind Apache Cassandra, contributing the majority of the Cassandra code and still maintaining all Cassandra drivers today. DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra is 100% compatible with open source Cassandra, delivering a production-certified database, drivers, bulk loading utility, Kafka connector, and professional support. Developers can build applications with the same data distribution and performance capabilities whether on-premises or in the cloud, providing confidence while maintaining open source standards. Expert Support Open source Cassandra is easy to adopt, but as deployments scale, the need for increased support can have an adverse impact on your ability to build new applications and features. DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra provides a unique Cassandra support experience that’s unmatched in the market. As an example, our engineers and DBAs are available to help design, configure, manage, scale, optimize, and secure your cluster. We constantly monitor your database, help with technology integration and provide advice on running Cassandra in production. DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra on Azure is the easiest way to run production-ready Cassandra in the cloud. Together, DataStax and Microsoft enable developers to quickly build, deploy and scale Cassandra-based applications in the cloud with an easy-to-use, open source compatible solution that comes with unparalleled support. DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra on Azure LEARN MORE

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DataStax and Microsoft Azure: The Hybrid Cloud Database Built for Global Enterprises

In this eBook, we’ll take a look at why DataStax and Azure combine to make the ideal hybrid operational cloud database for the modern application needs of many of our large enterprise customers. The eBook explains how digital disruptors like Microsoft, Komatsu, and IHS Markit are leveraging the DSE+Azure hybrid cloud database to build game-changing applications built for the Right-Now Economy.

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DataStax Enterprise in Azure – Walgreens Path to the Cloud-Based Microservices Applications

During this presentation, you will learn why Walgreens picked DataStax as a database platform for our new Rx Microservices Application Stack. We'll explore how we are deploying and using DataStax and Apache Cassandra in the Azure Cloud. This includes VM and configuration details with Azure Cloud specific nuances as well as the DataStax Enterprise security features implementation related to LDAP, SSL/TLS, TDE, and audit. We'll provide an overview of lessons learned from our recent implementation, which includes DSE 6.0.x upgrades, and share our experience and some tidbits on new DSE 6.x features such as NodeSync.

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