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Publicis Sapient

Publicis Sapient, the Digital Business Transformation hub of Publicis Groupe, is purpose-built to help clients reimagine their business for the digital age, helping ensure what they do has a material impact on their business performance and the experience of their customers. Publicis Sapient houses SapientRazorfish and Sapient Consulting — bringing leading digital pioneers, experienced consultants, cutting-edge technologists, and industry experts to partner with our clients.
Publicis Sapient and DataStax
Publicis Sapient and DataStax have teamed up to lead the creation of Rapid Commerce, a cloud-based, microservices commerce platform that enables large retailers to quickly accelerate their retail business into high gear. DataStax Enterprise (DSE), the underlying database, ensures contextual experiences for application users and manages massive amounts of data from a variety of sources at cloud scale.

Rapid Commerce
Rapid Commerce takes into account specific challenges and opportunities to form the basis for the best Rapid Commerce solution and implementation approach. It delivers the agility, measurability and flexibility modern retailers demand as they move towards innovative, responsive and personalized commerce platforms.

  • Ideal solution: The ideal solution is a flexible, modular system that leverages cloud, data and the latest development methodologies including DevOps and microservices. Rapid Commerce is the first fully cloud-native, microservices and “headless” architecture-based digital commerce platform accelerator.
  • Desired outcomes: Enrich customer experiences by applying insights gained from robust data and analytics, and deliver personalized offers and promotions through a highly-responsive, scalable platform.