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Real-time Personalization

Make Every Customer Feel Like Your Only Customer
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The Challenge
Delivering an engaging customer experience in the moment increases customer
acquisition and retention to drive revenue and business growth. But getting to this
point involves managing and contextualizing massive amounts of dynamic interaction
data in real time so that you can give your customers what they want, every time.
Why DataStax?
Deliver highly personalized
experiences in the moment of
interaction, with a real-time view of
your customers.
Easily manage, search, analyze,
and contextualize massive amounts of
customer and interaction data
in real time.
Provide customers with relevant product
or service recommendations and
promotions at the right time, for
maximum conversions.
Businesses that use DataStax Enterprise know their customers better.
250+ terabytes
Personal user activity data stored
by eBay on DataStax Enterprise
60+ million
Monthly active PlayStation users
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