Astra DB

NoSQL and Vector DB for Generative AI, Instantly, at Scale

New vector search capabilities enable complex, context-sensitive searches across diverse data formats for use in Generative AI applications, powered by Apache Cassandra®.

Vector Search with Astra DB

Build Gen AI Agents using real-time data in Cassandra and Astra


Move from AI Experimentation to AI Production

Build in any language

Create real-time easily with the language and APIs you already love, from . Build flexible query patterns using globally-distributed relational indexes.

Build in any language

Gen AI for the Enterprise: Secure, Scalable, Compliant and 5X cheaper 

Scale to petabytes of data for the most demanding AI apps, with world-class performance at a fraction of the cost

Deliver enterprise ready Generative AI through enhanced high availability delivered with data replication across regions and availability zones.

Gen AI for the Enterprise: Secure, Scalable, Compliant and 5X cheaper 

Secure and Compliant

AI apps built on DataStax are enterprise ready, built on a proven stack, governed and compliant to the highest standards for PCI, SOC2, HIPAA and more.

Secure and Compliant

Integrate with Vertex AI

Leverage the power of AI technology and the speed and scalability of Cassandra and Astra DB to fuel Generative AI projects by connecting data to Vertex AI.

Integrate with Vertex AI


Accelerate development with APIs

Stargate API gateway integrated with Astra DB makes it easier to build for maximum flexibility with the APIs of your choice.

curl --request POST \
      --url https://${ASTRA_DB_ID}-${ASTRA_DB_REGION}${ASTRA_DB_KEYSPACE}/tables \
      --header 'content-type: application/json' \
      --header "x-cassandra-token: ${ASTRA_DB_APPLICATION_TOKEN}" \
'{"name":"rest_example_products","ifNotExists":true,"columnDefinitions": [ 
{"name":"price","typeDefinition":"decimal","static":false}, {"name":"created","typeDefinition":"timestamp","static":false}],"primaryKey": 

Vector Search from Any Cloud, with Global Scale and Zero Ops

Discover how to build Generative AI apps with the scale and performance you need, without the operational burden, so you can focus on delivering code.

Trusted by AI Leaders in Every Industry

“Priceline has been at the forefront of using machine learning for many years. Vector search gives us the ability to semantically query the billions of real-time signals we receive as part of our checkout experience that flow back to Astra DB. We plan to use Google Cloud’s Generative AI capabilities alongside Astra DB’s vector search to power our real time data infrastructure and Generative AI experiences."

Martin Brodbeck
CTO, Priceline

“Finding specific policies and operating procedures is time-consuming and challenging due to scattered storage across various platforms. Using Astra DB's vector search capabilities, SkyPoint can leverage these benefits to enhance its services, offering users real-time, contextual, and personalized solutions. This leads to accurate predictions and personalized healthcare outcomes at a lower cost.”

Tisson Mathew
Founder & CEO, SkyPoint AI

“For Dataworkz, having a vector database is important to harness large language models for either question answering systems insights and intelligent summarization. Astra Vector DB is a really great addition for us.”

Nikhil Smotra
Co-Founder and CTO, Dataworkz

“The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a goal of cutting carbon emissions by 50% across the global maritime industry by 2050. Our SMARTShip platform is helping make this possible by leveraging DataStax Astra DB for AI-powered, predictive analytics. By transforming thousands of data points from some 40 major equipment systems on a typical ship in real time, our solutions enable vessel operators to optimize fuel costs and other operational parameters while advancing sustainability objectives.”

Praveen Viswanath
Co-founder and Enterprise Architect, Alpha Ori Technologies

"Financial services enterprises are unlocking the value of enriched transactional data with the Bud platform. We depend on DataStax Astra DB for the dynamic scalability and high performance we need to apply machine learning (ML) to real-time data. This means we can provide highly accurate, actionable insights for our clients and their customers."

Michael Cullum
VP of Engineering, Bud


Easily migrate your data and apps with zero downtime

Automated self-service migration

Thinking about migrating to Astra DB? Use Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) yourself to migrate easily to Astra DB.

Automated self-service migration

Get a migration assessment

DataStax can also help you with personalized sizing and TCO and build a customized migration plan with you.

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Astra DB

New vector search capabilities make Astra DB AI-ready by enabling complex, context-sensitive searches across diverse data formats for use in Generative AI applications.

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