DataStax Enterprise
The always-on data platform for cloud applications.
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Today's digital economy demands your applications to be ready for anything –
enormous growth, mixed workloads, or even catastrophic failure. Built on the
best distribution of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise is the always-on
data platform designed to allow you to effortlessly build and scale your apps,
integrating graph, search, analytics, administration, developer tooling,
and monitoring into a single unified platform. We power your
apps' real-time moments so you can create instant insights
and delightful customer experiences.
Always on
Continuous availability is all yours. Easily control
your data’s distribution and replication across
nodes and even multiple data centers, cloud
regions, or hybrid-cloud environments. You’ll be
able to survive node, rack, even whole data
center failures. Basically - you will be able to
sleep at night.
Instant insight
Having massive amounts of data is nice. Being
able to intelligently use it is even better. DataStax
Enterprise gives you a comprehensive data
platform to make the most of your data, including
search, analytics, operations management, and
developer tooling. You’ll be ready to handle mixed
workloads and able to choose the right data
model optimized for your use case.
Data comes in - genius pops out.
Effortless scale
You’re probably all too familiar with the pain of
sharding. DataStax Enterprise gives you
linearly scalable performance you can actually
rely on. It’s as simple as pushing a button to
predictably increase your throughput. Building
is fun when you know your foundation can
support it.
Distribute your data easily
and strategically.
With a database specifically designed to efficiently distribute
and replicate your data across multiple data centers, cloud
regions, or hybrid environments, you can strategically and
intelligently distribute your data as you please. This gives you
low-latency performance, availability during failures, and can
even help with compliance. On top of all that, you’ll look like the
next coming of John Nash.
Distribute your data with DSE
DataStax Enterprise
DataStax Enterprise’s complete data platform gives you powerful multi-model capabilities.
With full support for key-value, tabular, JSON/document, and graph, you’ll always have the best data model
to support your use case. Think of it like choosing a TV: this is the model that has everything you want.
Premium Features
All DataStax Enterprise nodes can be upgraded to have fully integrated capabilities
ppowered by Apache Cassandra to help you make the most of your data.
Developer tooling
and drivers
Drivers, visual development tools, free training,
docs, and a built-in developer community
- all ready to go.
and monitoring
Kick back and put large-scale operations on
autopilot. Our OpsCenter has integrated
functionality for real-time monitoring, tuning,
provisioning, backup, and security management.
Just hollar - literally.
Give your users intelligent and personalized
behavior with powerful streaming and batch
analytics powered by Apache Spark.
Suddenly - analysis is so cool.
DataStax Enterprise Search helps your users
easily locate data, providing full support for
complex queries using sub-string, fuzzy, and
full-text search. The indexing engine also provides
full support for fast, real-time aggregations,
faceting, and filtering. Did we just use the word
“fuzzy”? Yes we did.
DataStax Enterprise Graph is the first graph
database fast enough to power customer-facing
apps capable of scaling to massive datasets across
data center and cloud regions while offering
advanced integrated tools capable of powering
deep analytical queries. Insert cheesy “getting
graphic” pun here.
DataStax Enterprise expands on the basic
Cassandra security features by providing the tools
necessary to meet stringent HIPAA, PCI, and SOX
compliance requirements. Compliance is so not fun
- but now at least it’s easy.
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Deployment Options
Multi-data center
DataStax Enterprise is the best data platform for multi-data center deployments. Our simple replication and distribution makes your distributed environments easy.
Just spread it, like butta.
Run on any hardware
The masterless architecture of DataStax Enterprise means you can scale out horizontally with commodity hardware.
Predictably and affordably.
Managed service
Let the DataStax experts manage your
deployment for you on your public cloud.
You heard that right.
Learn more.
Hybrid cloud
Deploy DataStax Enterprise to a hybrid environment of public cloud and your own data centers. Everything is hybrid these days - even clouds.
Advanced Replication
Advanced Replication lets you have a
single cluster that can define a primary
hub with multiple spokes, allowing
configurable distributed data replication
from source clusters to destination
clusters bi-directionally.

It’s designed to support microservice
analytics commonly found in retail
environments and tolerate sporadic
connectivity that can occur in constrained
environments, such as oil-and-gas remote
sites and cruise ships.
Bon voyage!
DataStax Managed Cloud
Innovate instead of administrate.
A white glove, fully managed service to accelerate your
time to market, DataStax Managed Cloud is the easiest
way to quickly scale any essential application without
having to divert valuable resources for operations
management. It’s massively scalable, always on, fully
managed for you, and powered by the best distribution of
Apache Cassandra. DataStax can even manage your
on-premises and other public cloud environments as well
as hybrid cloud. The only thing it’s missing is a spaceship
to go to Mars, but we’re working on it.
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Enterprise Ready
We provide 24-7-365 expert support for both production and
non-production subscriptions and have experience with
hundreds of thousands of nodes with mission-critical reliability.
Did the face of Tom Cruise just pop into your head?
Supported platforms
Certified version of Apache Cassandra
We’re built on the best version of Cassandra. Our formal quality
assurance tests up to 1,000 nodes for each major release, including
platform certification, backporting of bug fixes, long-term support,
formal end-of-life policies, security audits, and digitally signed code.
DataStax Enterprise powers the leading cloud apps
From Netflix reliable to Walmart scale, hear why these engineers love DSE.
Customer Stories
Tools for your whole team
DataStax Enterprise makes it easy for developers and operators
(or “DevOps”, if you’re feeling trendy) to build, manage, and get up to speed.
For developers for operators
Plans for your company
DataStax Basic
For teams that need the always-on,
effortlessly scalable database
with support.
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DataStax Enterprise
For teams that need to a complete
data platform ready to create
amazing real-time experiences.
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All plans come with 24-7-365 support
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DataStax Enterprise is powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™.

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