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Key Differentiators

Today's Right-Now Economy demands continuous engagement through instantly responsive, always available applications. DSE is the always-on, distributed cloud database that allows you to build real-time applications at scale while providing the data autonomy you need to thrive in an increasingly hybrid-cloud world.


DSE is the only database that can power Contextual, Always-on, Real-time, Distributed, and Scalable applications.

Data Autonomy

Retain control of data and manage it anywhere (ie, public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud).

Cassandra Roots

Built on the best-distribution of Apache Cassandra™ with a unique masterless architecture for 100% uptime and twice the performance of open source, as well as simplified operations management.


Supports tabular, key-value, JSON, and graph (by the team that created Apache Tinkerpop™).

Unified Data Layer

Provides a unified layer of database, search, and analytics that can be fully managed by DataStax or self-managed.

DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise, a unified data layer of database, search, and analytics, is the only hybrid cloud data management layer that allows enterprises to meet the contextual, always-on, real-time, distributed, and scalable requirements of Right-Now Economy applications.

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Going Beyond Apache Cassandra with DSE

DSE offers advanced security, self-driving operations, and twice the performance of open source Apache Cassandra. With DSE, enterprises get a comprehensive, always-on, secure, easy-to-use data layer backed by expert support and services that helps them WIN in the Right-Now Economy.

Enterprise-Grade Security

DSE provides a uniform security model across the entire data layer (database – including graph, search, and analytics) and includes advanced features such as unified authentication, authorization, profile access control, row-level access control, encryption, data auditing, and more to prevent unauthorized access.

Multi Workloads

DSE can handle transactional, search, and operational analytics workloads all running on the same cluster and possesses built-in workload isolation and replication capabilities that keep these workloads from competing for resources.

Self-Driving Operational Simplicity

DSE reduces manual repair operations significantly, eliminates cluster outages attributed to manual repair operations, and provides visual management and monitoring of DSE clusters across cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments, allowing even novice DBAs and DevOps personnel to manage operations like seasoned professionals.

Easy-To-Use Developer Interfaces

DSE offers an array of options for developers to quickly and easily build applications, including CQL, which is quite similar to SQL and designed specifically for DSE's powerful capabilities, or Spark SQL for analytic requirements.

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