Luna for Apache Cassandra®

Support mission-critical Cassandra deployments

Deliver apps at scale with unparalleled expertise and support from the team behind the open-source Apache Cassandra®.


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Enterprise support from the experts

Best practices, advice, and SLA-based support to keep your Cassandra deployment in top shape.

Enterprise support from the experts

Data management Expertise

Develop Cassandra apps with your choice of API: Document (JSON), REST, GraphQL, and gRPC. Build real-time data pipelines between Cassandra and upstream & downstream systems using Change Data Capture (CDC).

Data management Expertise

Cloud-native support

Expert support for K8ssandra which is a production-ready platform for running Cassandra on Kubernetes, with necessary metrics and tooling.

Cloud-native support

Zero downtime

Experience 24x7x365 availability with Apache Cassandra’s active-everywhere architecture.

Zero downtime

Linear scalability

Scale without compromising on performance or latency to seamlessly manage the most demanding real-time workloads.

Linear scalability

High performance

Create real-time and highly-interactive customer experiences with blisteringly fast reads and writes.

High performance

Real-time data at work

“I recommend anybody using Cassandra who is unsure if they are getting the most out of it to try Luna. It's been great.”

Jeff Glatstein
Data Delivery Manager at WHOI

“We found the educational material around Cassandra from DataStax incredibly helpful to our team as we scaled up our deployments, and we also used DataStax Luna so we could have consulting support available to us. Luna makes it easy for us to get the help we need whenever we need it.”

Danilo Mišović
Technical Lead at Logate



What is DataStax Luna?

Luna is a subscription to the Apache Cassandra support and expertise at DataStax. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of open-source Cassandra, with the peace of mind knowing you have direct access to the team that authored the majority of the code and supported some of the largest deployments in the world.

How does Luna benefit me as an open-source Cassandra user? Are there other options for customers with unique requirements?

With DataStax Luna, you can develop and deploy Cassandra applications with confidence. You get help with general-purpose and technical questions for your open-source Cassandra deployments – and if an issue is encountered, DataStax is there to help.

Does Luna cover the use of the third-party extensions to Apache Cassandra, such as implementations of LDAP, custom compaction strategy, etc?

No. Luna can only be used with nodes that run unmodified Apache Cassandra.

Can I use Luna with both cloud and on-premises based deployments?

Yes. Luna covers Apache Cassandra support running with any deployment model (e.g. on-premises, cloud, hybrid etc.).

Does Luna cover DataStax Enterprise?

No. DataStax Enterprise comes with its own support. Current customers can file tickets at

Does Luna cover DDAC?

No, DDAC users will need to migrate to open source Cassandra for Luna support.



Deliver apps at scale with unparalleled expertise and support from the team behind the open-source Apache Cassandra.