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Leading with Code for a Better Apache Cassandra and Kubernetes

As a part of our ongoing commitment to open source and the Apache Cassandra™ community, DataStax is opening a version of a Kubernetes Operator for Cassandra.

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Get your Definitive Guide for Apache Cassandra 4.0

From in-depth operations coverage to building applications and data models, it lived up to its title as “The Definitive Guide.” The 3rd edition has been updated to keep the book relevant as…

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Accelerate Rewind: How Instagram Uses Cassandra to Operate on a Global Scale

When Instagram was introduced all the way back in 2010, the social network stored all of its data in Apache Cassandra™ in a single data center…

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"We have a large number of Cassandra nodes running a variety of applications critical to our business. Some are DataStax and others are open source. We welcome DataStax support and expertise across all our Cassandra deployments and are excited about today’s new service."

Rune Birkemose Jakobsen

Senior Development Manager, MobilePay

DataStax Luna provides enterprises with a partner for success with open-source Apache Cassandra. Luna provides open-source software expertise directly from experienced engineers, and C* committers who have authored a majority of the Cassandra code. Gain the confidence, operational efficiency, and best practice guidance to improve time to market and TCO.

Pricing Plans

Luna Essentials

Essential coverage for critical applications.

  • Up to 5 tickets
  • Unlimited clusters
  • 24x5 coverage
  • 1 hour critical response time

Per Pack

$35,000 / yr

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Luna Professional

For teams building production ready applications.

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Up to 20 clusters
  • 24x7 coverage
  • 1 hour critical response time

Annual Pricing From

$105,000 / yr

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Additional pricing available for higher number of clusters.

Luna Enterprise

An enterprise partnership for open source success.

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Up to unlimited clusters
  • 24x7 coverage
  • 15 minute critical response time
  • Direct access to OSS engineers
  • Open source optimization reviews
  • Cassandra patching
  • Ecosystem tools
  • Extended life coverage

Annual Pricing

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Free Trial runs for 30 days and allows up to 10 tickets to be raised. There is no cluster limit, and all tickets have a 24 hour response time, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Compare DataStax Luna Plans

  Essentials Essential coverage for critical applications Professional For teams building production ready applications Enterprise An enterprise partnership for open source success
Versions Supported C* 2.1, 2.2, or 3.x C* 2.1, 2.2, or 3.x C* 2.1, 2.2, or 3.x
Response Time 24x5 24x7 24x7
Normal Up to 24 hour Up to 24 hour Up to 24 hour
High Up to 8 hour Up to 4 hour Up to 4 hour
Urgent Up to 1 hour Up to 1 hour Up to 15 minute
Access to Luna Portal
  Get Started Get Started Get Started

Still Have Questions?

Frequently asked questions about DataStax Luna, DataStax's subscription-based support for open source Apache Cassandra™

What is DataStax Luna?

Luna is a subscription to the Apache Cassandra expertise at DataStax. It allows subscribers to enjoy all the benefits of open source software, with the peace of mind from direct access to the team that has authored the majority of the Cassandra code and backed some of the largest deployments in the world.

How does Luna benefit Open Source Cassandra users?

DataStax Luna subscribers can develop and deploy applications with confidence. Luna subscribers can get help with general-purpose and technical questions for their open-source Cassandra deployments, and if an issue is encountered, DataStax is there to help.

Are there other options for customers with unique requirements?

Yes. Custom plans and expert Open Source Consulting are available for unique or large scale deployments. Contact us directly at for more details.

Does Luna cover the use of third-party extensions to Apache Cassandra, such as implementations of LDAP, custom compaction strategy, etc?

No. Luna can only be used with clusters that run unmodified Apache Cassandra.

Can I upgrade between Luna packages?

Yes, enterprises can transition between Luna packages. Contact us directly at for more details or request an upgrade through the Luna console settings. The Luna console is a custom themed portal for issue management, team management and subscription management.

Can I use Luna with both cloud and on-premises based deployments?

Yes. Luna covers Apache Cassandra running with any deployment model  (e.g. on-premises, cloud, hybrid etc.).

How is a cluster defined from a pricing perspective?

A cluster is any number of Apache Cassandra nodes connected to each other.

How can I buy the packages?

You can sign up and get started with the Free Tier on the DataStax website. For the other tiers click the button above, or contact us directly at

How do I get Services for Cassandra?

Services are provided by the Open Source Consulting team, email for more details.

Does Luna cover DataStax Enterprise?

No, DataStax Enterprise comes with support. Current subscribers can file tickets at

Does Luna cover DDAC?

No, DDAC users will need to migrate to OSS for Luna support.

How is Luna different to Services?

Luna provides assistance with resolving issues and following best practices with clusters. Services provide help through the full application life cycle, with a deeper integration in your team that can working together on implementation.