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Case Study

ACI Worldwide, Inc.: Innovative Payments Intelligence on a Global Scale

ACI Worldwide, a payment systems software leader and pioneer, needed to up its database power and flexibility to be able to handle a massive increase both in global transactions and in global, transaction-related fraud. To accomplish this, ACI Worldwide knew it needed a database made to scale easily and analyze massive volumes of data in real time.


“The Datastax Enterprise environment is a horizontally scalable data environment, so as the demands on that environment increase, we simply add more nodes to the cluster and that continues to expand the capabilities. All of this can be done with zero downtime. We don’t have to have any kind of service interruptions while we are scaling up or scaling back the service. That is a really key capability for ACI particularly because our work flows ebb and flow through our different services.”

Ken Chenis
Chief Architect
ACI Worldwide