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Case Study

Babylon Utilizes DataStax to Power International Digital Health AI Service

Babylon Health handles an incredibly high volume of sensitive patient data that it needs to keep secure but also usable for invaluable patient insights. With the healthcare world rapidly shifting to one of personalization and lower costs, Babylon saw an opportunity to significantly expand and improve its service via groundbreaking cloud applications. Using DataStax Enterprise, Babylon has been able to build highly personalized, mobile-based, 24-7 healthcare service while securing its customers’ valuable data.


“Our data operation team had to be completely confident that our data platform could scale up alongside our company goals. We had to be sure that it had security built in from the start, and it had to have the same approach to data that we had in mind for the future. Based on the technologies available on the market, we chose DataStax Enterprise to support our growth.”

Mohammad Khodadadi
Director of Data
Babylon Health