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Case Study

Locstat Powers IoT Solutions with DataStax Enterprise

Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, Locstat connects and orchestrates multiple IoT sources of information to deliver graph powered next-generation advanced complex event processing and a common operating picture for any defined geographical location. The company fills a niche market in the IoT industry by providing deep analysis and predictive analytics on the sensor data IoT devices provide to companies.

Built on open source products, Locstat needed a solution that could push analysis time from two to three weeks down to minutes to generate the graphs used in their analytics. They also needed a cloud database solution that could support big data, scale, and handle analyzing millions of data points per day. 



"Using DSE, we built a rules engine that can not only query inline transactions, but image all of the sensor data streaming into the environment, and then provide dashboard functionality where the end user can see in real time what's going on in the environment. In addition, we store and write sensor data very quickly. The only real database that can manage that is DataStax."

Ryno Goosen
Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director