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Case Study

Macquarie Bank Drives Digital Transformation With DataStax Enterprise

Macquarie Bank uses DataStax Enterprise to help power its digital transformation across a variety of customer-focused channels. The company selected DataStax Enterprise due to its elastic linear scale, tunable consistency and peer-to-peer architecture. Spark was implemented to provide near real time stream processing, as well as in memory distributed computing capability with support for machine learning, and Solr for search and indexing.

Lines With Dots

"The key benefit of using DSE is the co-location of data and technology with Cassandra and Solr for search and Cassandra with Spark for analytics. This results in the real-time nodes having access to data instantly and not requiring time-consuming or costly ETL processes to move data between systems, because all the data is transparently replicated in the cluster."

Rajay Rai, Digital Architect
Digital Architect
Macquarie Bank