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Case Study: Amara Health Analytics

AmaraDownload the Amara Health Analytics Case Study

“DataStax Enterprise translates to lower total cost for us to deliver our system over time and more agility in meeting customer’s needs.”

– Steve Nathan, CEO at Amara Health Analytics

Amara Health uses DataStax to Proactively Protect Patient’s Health

Industry: Healthcare

Amara Health provides real-time predictive analytics to support clinicians in the early detection of critical disease states. Early detection enables rapid response, deriving better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. With the acceleration towards value-based payment models, Amara delivers the decision support software needed to achieve decreased lengths-of-stay, lower utilization costs, and enhanced revenues.

Amara leverages DataStax Enterprise’s integrated search and analytics, allowing Amara to serve recommendations to doctors.  They are also able to spend less time on administrative duties because DataStax Enterprise is operationally simple to manage, allowing them to spend more time innovating to drive the business.


  • Management of large volumes of real-time structured and unstructured information
  • Flexible data model capable of ingesting new, custom data sources
  • Enterprise search and analytics without the rigidity of relational systems


  • Hybrid on-premise and SaaS model handles dynamic data and rolling upgrades
  • Flexible data model accommodates varying and custom patient data
  • Search and query capability on unstructured data


  • Real-time decision support for clinicians with a holistic view of patient history
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Agility in responding to customer needs