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Case Study: Mint Bills

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“With Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise as our database infrastructure, we can not only scale but give our users a real-time, engaging customer experience.”

– Micky Csasznik-Shaked, Technology Lead at Mint Bills

Mint Bills Simplifies Personal Finances with DataStax

Industry: Payments and Financial Services

Mint Bills is a top-rated, award-winning mobile app that takes the work and worrying out of paying bills for more than 11 million U.S. consumers. The Mint Bills application stays on top of people’s bills and money, eliminating missed payments, overdrafts, and late fees. Launched in 2008, Mint Bills (formerly known as Check) was one of the initial 500 apps released on the first generation iPhone. It was acquired by Intuit Inc. for $360 million in June 2014.

Mint Bills selected Apache Cassandra to store user account data.  Later, it migrated to DataStax Enterprise for enterprise production support and professional services. Currently, Mint Bills has 21 nodes in one cluster and stores 15 TB of transactional data in DataStax Enterprise. Even with a fast-growing number of user and accounts across various types of data models, it continues to perform and scale with ease to support this massive growth.


  • Managing extremely large volumes of data from more than 11 million customers
  • Poor scalability and performance issues with MySQL relational database
  • Relational technologies limited historical views and aggregation of information


  • Linear predictable scale accommodates high data growth
  • Integration between operational information in Cassandra and Hadoop delivers a holistic customer view
  • 24x7x365 expert support


  • Real-time analysis of information for improved customer experience
  • Expanded partner network with flexible data model accommodation
  • More accurate customer account analysis with Hadoop integration