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Case Study: Spotify

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“Cassandra gives us a level of trust that we won’t lose data. If there are bugs or crashes, we are confident it won’t lose our data, that is very important to us.”

-Axel Liljencrantz, Backend Engineer at Spotify

Spotify Supports 40K Requests/Second to Deliver the Right Music to Their Customers’ Fingertips

Industry: Digital Media

As one of the fastest growing online and mobile services in the world, Spotify delivers streaming music in real time to over 40 million active users and growing. To achieve the level of service demanded by its fast growing user base, Spotify turned to Apache Cassandra as the database technology of choice to scale without performance or availability issues.


  • Limited scale across data centers and geographies
  • Relational system can’t deliver 100% availability of streaming service
  • Difficult to analyze massive volumes of data


  • Apache Cassandra for persistent data store
  • Multi-data center replication and no single point of failure for 100% uptime
  • Integration with Apache Spark for real time data processing and analytics


  • Over 1.5 billion playlists created and managed in real time
  • More than 40,000 requests/second handled without latency
  • Over 500 Cassandra nodes across 4000 servers in 4 data centers