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Case Study: Equinix

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“We developed a TCO calculator against Cassandra and HBase, and it was not even
a close comparison. Cassandra won by a big margin and therefore was a clear
choice for us.”

– Praveen Kumar,Sr. Manager of Emerging Technologies & Platform

Equinix Delivers High Performance to Millions of Business Apps, Optimizes Customer Experience With DataStax

Industry: Data Center Infrastructure Provider

Equinix is the leading interconnection platform and colocation provider with more than 100 data centers across the globe. Powering millions of business applications with higher performance and reduced latency, Equinix provides its customers network monitoring solutions and data center infrastructures for various purposes including monitoring, troubleshooting and customer billing. To optimize customer experience and to provide more network traffic visibility to its customers, Equinix started to build applications and was looking for a database replacement to realize these goals.


  • Inability to handle massive volumes of network traffic data
  • Latency issues with real-time streaming performance
  • Limited holistic view into network traffic health analytics


  • High performance and linear scale with flexible schema
  • Seamless integration with Hadoop data lakes for holistic view
  • 24x7x365 expert support


  • Superior scale without performance constraints and latency issues
  • Visibility into application metrics maximizes value delivered to customers as well as return on investment of services
  • Improved customers insights for stellar customer experience