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“Investing in digital engagements creates higher customer lifetime value, and First Utility is focused on delivering applications that build trust and create long-term profitable relationships with our customers. DataStax Enterprise offers the data scale and analytics capabilities we need to bring these new
innovations to market.”

-Bill Wilkins CIO/CTO First Utility

First Utility Helps Customers Optimize Their Energy Consumption Using DataStax Enterprise

Industry: Utilities

First Utility is the largest independent energy supplier in the UK, servicing more than one million households. Focused on disrupting the legacy, slow-changing utilities industry, First Utility wanted to develop a modern platform to support a disruptive energy startup through innovation and evolve a highly efficient business model that allows them to offer consistently market leading prices to their customers. First Utility selected DataStax Enterprise when it realized it needed a new platform that could store and manipulate large amounts of data for their My Energy and other applications.


  • Disrupt the legacy, slow-changing utilities industry
  • Evolve business model to offer consistently market leading prices to customers
  • Needed a new platform to store and manipulate large amounts of data


  • Selected DataStax Enterprise as its distributed, responsive and intelligent foundation
  • Masterless architecture of DSE ensures high availability and linear scalability
  • Integrated analytics capabilities based on Apache Spark provide functionality not available elsewhere


  • First company to offer an energy data analytics platform
  • Increased customer retention
  • Customers use 5-6% less energy and further reduce their energy bills

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