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Case Study: IID

Case Study IIDDownload the IID Case Study


“This level of security ensures there’s no penetration of the systems. So we really have built an incredibly secure ecosystem and we would not have been able to do so without DataStax

– Jason Atlas
VP Engineering & Technology

IID Relies on DataStax for Around-The-Clock Cyber Threat Mitigation

Industry: Cyber Security

Internet Identity (IID) is a cyber security company that provides the platform to easily exchange cyber threat intelligence between enterprises and governments. Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies leverage IID to detect and mitigate threats.

IID migrated from MySQL to DataStax Enterprise for its ability to scale across multi-data centers and perform even during high workloads, giving IID the flexibility to grow without concern.


  • Need to keep customer data secure from malicious attacks
  • Inability to scale to support high volume of threat data
  • High total cost of ownership of legacy relational database systems


  • DataStax Enterprise for a persistent data store, extreme scalability and data security
  • Enterprise search and analytics capabilities
  • Proactive monitoring and management of entire database system


  • Reduction of operational expense by 85% while maintaining 100% availability
  • Addition of a dedicated data center to support moving towards a petabyte of data
  • Scale across multi-data centers without downtime