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DataStax Helps Macquarie Bank Deliver
Amazing Customer Experience

Case Study: Macquarie
Industry: Banking
Macquarie Bank uses DataStax Enterprise to help power its digital transformation across a variety of customer-focused channels. The company selected DataStax Enterprise due to its elastic linear scale, tunable consistency and peer-to-peer architecture. Spark was implemented to provide near real time stream processing, as well as in memory distributed computing capability with support for machine learning, and Solr for search and indexing
  • Transform a digital bank to be more human and intuitive than a traditional bricks and mortar bank, with an intimate understanding of customer needs.
  • Deliver innovative digital experiences to customers to become even more relevant in today’s digital world.
  • Create an intuitive, engaging online and mobile banking experience that gives customers the power to take control of their finances online to reach their goals.
  • Elastic linear scale, tunable consistency in-memory capability and peer-to- peer architecture with DataStax Enterprise.
  • Near real time stream processing, machine learning and search capabilities with DSE Search and DSE Analytics.
  • DSE OpsCenter provides monitoring and alerting capability, providing platform stability and helps manage platform cost.
  • DSE features enable Macquarie to focus on execution of sophisticated personalized recommendations, advice and experience.
  • Quicker more efficient time to value for Macquarie’s development team and customers.
  • Simple upgrades to latest DSE releases,with no downtime, enable Macquarie to be more nimble and relevant with the most up to date technological capabilities.