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Case Study: Nexgate

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“When we ran benchmarks, Cassandra won hands-down in reliability, ease of use, and the speed with which our application can horizontally scale. It just won technologically.”

– Rich Sutton, CTO at Nexgate

Nexgate Secures Social Media, Protects Customer Privacy with DataStax

Industry: Social Media Security

Nexgate is the visionary leader in social media security. Providing social media security and compliance solutions and products, Nexgate has won dozens of industry honors, broken new ground in security research, established industry-first capabilities with every release. Nexgate is the only social media security vendor recognized by Gartner and Forrester, and earned the trust of more than 116 brand name customers.


  • Unpredictable, ever growing amounts of social media data
  • Performance limitations due to complexities in relational database architecture
  • Supporting an ever growing user community with limited resources


  • Real-time search on social media trends with Solr
  • 100% uptime, no matter what
  • Flexible data store that performs at scale


  • Superior read/write performance even at peak hours
  • Flexibility to scale linearly to any size at lowest cost possible
  • Operational simplicity handled by a single administrator