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Case Study: Orbeus

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“When speed, scalability, and ease of use are all critical, DataStax is better than any other database offering on the market.”

– Tianqiang Liu
Co-founder & VP of Engineering Orbeus

Orbeus Delivers “PhotoTime”, A Revolutionary Smart Photo Management App, Built On DataStax

Industry: Multi-Media Machine Learning

Orbeus, a pioneer in image recognition technology recently launched PhotoTime, a smart photo management app, and had to hit the ground running by supporting tens of thousands of new users in the days after launch. PhotoTime uses Orbeus’ proprietary face, scene and objects recognition technology to identify people, places and things in customer photos, regardless of where they are stored. Orbeus leverages DataStax Enterprise to handle on average 3 to 5 million photo and video posts per day with a data load of 300-500GBs of data per day that is stored and analyzed without impact to performance.


  • Large volumes of high velocity unstructured data (images and anonymized customer account info)
  • Difficult and costly to scale with relational databases
  • Need to deliver continuous availability for PhotoTime app and OEM customers


  • Linear scale and 100% uptime with DataStax
  • Real-time analytics with integrated Apache Spark
  • Operational simplicity with OpsCenter


  • Lighting fast performance with over 1000 calls per second
  • 100% uptime even with peak traffic
  • Easily handle 3.5 million photos per day, or 300 – 500 GB of data per day