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Case Study: Pantheon

With Apache Cassandra™, Pantheon Systems was able to develop a no-single-point-of-failure, distributable media storage system for all customers using its cloud-based web development platform for websites made with Drupal.

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“Cassandra’s durability is what gives us confidence about using it at the absolute core of the platform for our customers.” -David Strauss, Pantheon

Company: Pantheon

Overview: Pantheon Systems provides a cloud-based web development platform for websites made with Drupal – an open-source content management system. Companies can use Pantheon’s web development tool and its web hosting and management service for developing, testing, hosting and managing their Drupal-based projects. The Pantheon platform provides a dashboard that enables all stakeholders to have visibility into their projects and to better manage quality control.

Data Size: 2 Production Clusters

Challenge: Pantheon looked to provide a highly reliable, distributable media storage system for clients using Pantheon’s cloud-based web development platform to manage their Drupal-based projects.

Solution: The Apache Cassandra™ platform, which has no single point of failure, scales in minutes, delivers on high availability requirements, and allows Pantheon to provide customers with a robust file storage solution and to develop new features for identifying and supporting emerging “power users” of the platform.