Riptide IO Minimizes Operational Costs,
Saves Energy with DataStax

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“It’s very difficult to deliver optimal performance for very large enterprises due to their sheer size. With DataStax behind us, we are confident that we can deploy a solution that won’t break on them. That’s impressive.”

Marti Ogram
Riptide IO
Case Study: Riptide IO
Industry: Utilities & Internet of Things
Riptide IO helps large enterprises navigate the transition to an internet based, data-driven world of integrated device management. Their team has spent the past decade solving complicated issues around connecting and managing devices in building and energy projects worldwide. Riptide IO has built systems connecting thousands of sensors and devices in thousands of locations, saving money while increasing operational efficiency.
  • Streaming time-series sensor data to drive energy analytics
  • Achieving performance at scale at a very low cost
  • Getting into production very quickly with a lean team
  • DataStax Enterprise provides data management for time-series data, scalability and 100% uptime
  • DataStax support and community
  • DataStax on Google Cloud Platform
  • Saved retailers millions of dollars in energy usage and operational costs
  • Brought their application to market in two months, with a very lean team
  • Reduced TCO by over 67% compared to traditional relational systems
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