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Case Study: The Weather Channel

Case Study The Weather ChannelDownload the The Weather Channel Case Study


“Downtime any time of day means someone isn’t getting served, which means lost revenue, credibility, and important notifications to people who are expecting us to tell them when the weather gets rough.”

– Robbie Strickland, Software Development Manager at The Weather Channel

Rain Or Shine, The Weather Channel Is Always-On Thanks To Cassandra

Industry:Digital Media

Beginning as a 24×7 television network devoted to weather, The Weather Channel has brought accurate and timely weather information to the world since 1982. Today, the Weather Channel brings breaking weather news to billions of viewers and users from web, desktop, and mobile applications. Read to find out how The Weather Channel leverages Cassandra to build an always-on weather application.


  • Continuous availability to serve global and diverse users
  • Difficult to derive insights from massive amounts of unstructured data
  • Accommodating varying data types


  • Masterless architecture delivers 100% uptime
  • Flexible data store performs at scale
  • Consolidated weather content message from one single platform


  • Processing billions of requests per month without fear of downtime
  • Expansion from 3 to 36 nodes across 3 data centers around the world
  • Innovative new capabilities such as social weather