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Netflix, eBay and Target are using DataStax to transform customer experience

Companies big and small, old and new are changing the way they interact with their customers and driving business growth — by creating highly personalized experiences for their users.

Can you leverage your data in real-time and build offers, recommendations and promotions for your customers?  Are you having performance and scale issues with your current architecture?

DataStax Enterprise is being used by global 1000 companies to handle the explosive growth of their data and glean insights into user interactions.
Our Customers
  • Handle extreme data velocity with 6 billion writes and 5 billion reads daily
  • Provide 65 million+ monthly active users personalized searches in their network
  • Manage throughputs of 10 million+ transactions per second
  • Generate 90 billion+ personalized recommendation serves per month
Access the Cloud Applications Personalization Kit to see how DataStax Enterprise can help you successfully handle your company's Customer Experience transformation.
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