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There are few better ways to get to know a product than to see it in action. Use this page as your starting point for when you're wondering, Yes—but how does DataStax actually work? From a customer use case to a DataStax Enterprise-based music application, we’ve answered that question here. Go ahead and try it out for yourself, in real time.

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Traditional banking apps are limited by the data they can handle and supported by legacy systems that lack real-time capabilities. Free from these constraints, Macquarie used DataStax Enterprise to rebuild its banking application, transforming it into a highly personalized financial guru capable of helping Macquarie customers view, plan, and get a grip on their finances.

Killr Video Application

The Killr Video application is a sample web application developed in C# and uses DataStax Enterprise (DSE) running on Microsoft Azure as the database platform. The application demonstrates a number of DataStax Enterprise components in action including Apache Cassandra™, DSE Analytics, and DSE Search. The use cases modeled by the application include product catalog and playlists, personalization and recommendations, and user activity analysis. Educational links and materials for Killr Video include: The Killr Video website, which includes the running application, links to all application code, and more. DataStax Academy’s data modeling tutorial, which includes direct instruction on designing the Killr Video data model.

DS220: Data Modeling KillrVideo on GitHub
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Music Playlist Application

The music playlist application is a tutorial that guides you through the process of creating a Java application that manages songs and playlists. The application makes use of DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra™. The use cases modeled by the application include product catalog & playlist, and user activity analysis. Educational links and materials for the application include: Online tutorial for the application that includes a step-by-step guide and sample code.

Playlist Tutorial
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