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A podcast Series With SAM RAMJI

What can we learn from cloud-native development and how can we share that with developers, engineers, product owners, and product managers of the new world?

Sam Ramji interviews open source innovators who are shaping the future of open source data, open source software, data on Kubernetes, data in DevOps, data in AI, and much more.

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Available Episodes

Simba Khadder
S2 E10

Embeddings, Feature stores, and MLOps with Simba Khadder

With Guest: Simba Khadder, CEO at Featureform

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Mark Grover
S2 E9

Abundance, Metadata, and Automation with Mark Grover

With Guest: Mark Grover, Founder at Stemma, co-creator of Amundsen

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Shirshanka Das
S2 E8

Metadata, Communities, and Architecture with Shirshanka Das

With Guest: Shirshanka Das, Founder of LinkedIn DataHub, Apache Gobblin, Acryl Data

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S2 E7

Data Management Pain Points and Future Solutions for Data Discovery

With Guest: DATA MESH LEARNING Community, Community

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Upcoming Episodes

Podcast Guests

Sam Ramji is Chief Strategy Officer at DataStax. Sam led Kubernetes and DevOps product management for Google Cloud, founded the Cloud Foundry foundation, has helped build two multi-billion dollar markets (API Management at Apigee and Enterprise Service Bus at BEA Systems) and redefined Microsoft’s open source and Linux strategy from “extinguish” to “embrace”. He is nerdy about open source, platform economics, middleware, and cloud computing with an emphasis on developer experience and enterprise software.