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A podcast Series With Chet Kapoor

Season 2 · Episode 0

Season 2 of Inspired Execution Podcast Premieres March 16th!

Leaders from global enterprises join DataStax Chairman & CEO Chet Kapoor to discuss how they inspire teams and scale massive businesses. Conversation themes surrounding customers, culture, speed, and education bring fresh perspectives.

Published March 11th, 2021  |  Runtime

Episode Host

Chet Kapoor

Chet Kapoor

Chairman and CEO of DataStax

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Episode Transcript

Hello. I’m Chet Kapoor, Chairman & CEO of DataStax, and this is the Inspired Execution podcast. I'm so thrilled to be kicking off our second season! 

To those of you who have been following us, we appreciate your continued support If this is your first time tuning in, welcome!  I wanted to find a way to inspire the next generation of technology leaders and innovators.

So we started the Inspired Execution podcast last year to amplify the voices of leaders from some of the world’s most recognized brands: 

  • Leaders who energize and inspire their teams while scaling multi-billion dollar businesses 
  • Leaders who transform their organizations and entire industries 
  • Leaders who, above all, move the human heart

These individuals discuss their journeys, their unique perspectives, and the advice they’d give their younger selves. I have the privilege of calling many of them my colleagues and partners. And they inspire me every day.

As I was thinking back on the awesome conversations I had on season 1, a few topics came up again and again: customers, culture, speed, and education. The takeaways are consistent. 

Successful leaders: 

  • Obsess over customers
  • Cultivate diverse and inclusive environments
  • Execute thoughtfully with speed 
  • And seek to learn and share knowledge

In season 2 we’ll explore these themes while keeping technology and data at the forefront. 

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • Cisco’s CIO, Jacqui shares how she has built an inclusive culture where diversity of thought is welcomed & encouraged
  • Paypal’s CTO, Sri talks about his lifelong commitment to learning, and how knowledge empowers us to make and take risks 
  • Macquarie’s CDO, Luis tells us how delivering a world-class customer experience can be a unifying force in times of change
  • Wells Fargo’s CIO, Ravi discusses how to balance speed and  scale

You will hear the stories of many more phenomenal guests from global enterprises like Verizon, DBS Bank, Goldman Sachs, Wiley and so many more.

Stay tuned for the first episode of Inspired Execution Season 2, launching on Tuesday, March 16th.

I hope you'll follow the stories of these amazing leaders. You will hear about their path to success, their experiences along the way, and the mentors that played a role in their growth. 

Whether you’re a coach, individual contributor, entrepreneur, or student -- I believe you’ll take away perspectives you can use in your career and your personal life. 

Ultimately, we hope to share how we believe. How we inspire. And how we execute. Let’s continue learning and leading together.