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Enabling Data Autonomy for a Modern,
Real-Time Enterprise

Enterprise Strategy Group’s take on the importance of data autonomy
(i.e, cloud-agnostic data management) and how
DataStax delivers on enterprises’ data autonomy needs.
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“Organizations wanting to enable data autonomy require a data platform with the qualities necessary to handle data growth, mixed workloads, and the expanding need for innovative cloud-based applications.”
What's in the report?
Enterprise Strategy Group, which provides market intelligence and actionable insights to the global IT community, explains the imperative for modern enterprises to become more flexible, adaptable, and resilient at the data layer, primarily through data autonomy.
Download the report if you want to understand:
  • Why organizations are turning to non-relational database technology designed with the cloud in mind to achieve their modernization goals.
  • Why enabling data autonomy requires much more than just deploying a cloud-agnostic database technology in the cloud.
  • How to select a data management platform that can best enable data autonomy.
  • How DataStax Enterprise allows companies to achieve total data autonomy.
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