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New Forrester Graph Database Vendor Report Highlights DataStax Capabilities

New report explains why graph is so essential for handling today’s high complexity and velocity of data, and evaluates profiles of the top 10 vendors.
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“Graph technology gives customers new insights and intelligence that were previously impossible or hard to find or detect.”
What’s In The Report?
The Forrester Graph Database Vendor Landscape discusses the expanding graph uses cases, new and emerging graph solutions, the two approaches to graph, how graph databases are able to provide penetrating insights using deep data relationships, and the top 10 graph vendors in the market today.
Download The Report If You:
  • Want to know how graph databases work to provide quick, deep, actionable insights that help with everything from fraud to personalization to go-to-market acceleration, without having to write code or spend operating budget on data scientists.
  • Learn the new graph uses cases, including 360-degree views, fraud detection, recommendation engines, and social networking.
  • Learn about the top 10 graph databases and why DSE Graph continues to gain momentum with customers who like its ability to scale out in multi-data-center, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments, as well as visual operations, search, and advanced security.
“While organizations have been leveraging connections in data for decades, the need for rapid answers amid radical changes in data volume, diversity, and distribution has driven enterprise architects to look for new approaches.”
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