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New Gartner Report Highlights
the Need for Multicloud and
Intercloud Data Management

New report urges data and analytics
leaders to prepare for the complexities
of data integration across multiple clouds.
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“These multicloud architectures often arise organically, through the consumption of specific services or SaaS offerings that may not align with the primary cloud strategy, and therefore add complexity to cloud operations.”
A recent Gartner survey found that 80% of respondents using public cloud are using more than one cloud service provider (CSP). As databases move to the cloud, the database management service vendor landscape is shrinking, and data governance and integration are becoming more complex.

Data and analytics leaders are already beginning to face performance issues associated with data latency, not to mention unplanned cost overruns, difficulty with integrations, and data transfer fees.

Are you ready for the impact of multicloud deployments on data and analytics strategies in your own organization?

A new report from Gartner assesses the shift to multicloud architecture, and highlights the growing need for database management technology that enables integration of data across multiple clouds.
What You’ll Get in the Report:
This new Gartner report on multicloud and intercloud data management provides an impact appraisal along with recommendations for leaders planning to incorporate multiple CSPs into their data management strategies.
Download the Report If You:
  • Are considering active integration of data across multiple clouds, or are already facing the challenge of multicloud architecture in your data management strategy.
  • Want to uncover what impacts to expect from multicloud architecture, and what specific concerns to prepare for around intercloud data integration.
  • Are ready to learn more about multicloud and intercloud deployment options.
“By 2023, 75% of all databases will be on a cloud platform.” Download this report now to help prepare your organization for a multicloud future.
“If we can eliminate the effort to rewrite an application, and only focus on extracting data from one cloud to another, the task is radically simplified.”
Gartner, Are You Ready for Multicloud and Intercloud Data Management?, Adam Ronthal, Rick Greenwald, Donald Feinberg, 24 May 2019
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