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New Research Report:
2019 IT Architecture
Modernization Trends

Report summarizes over 300 IT executives’
survey responses on how to reduce complexity
and cost around architecture modernization.
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“Architecture modernization is truly a case where everybody is doing it. All IT leaders (100%) in this study indicated that their teams are in the midst of an initiative to modernize their technology.”
Download this report to understand what your IT Executive peers are doing to deliver game-changing innovations that drive direct business outcomes. You will learn how and what they are investing in to provide innovating new technologies and solutions to stay competitive.

The following report, produced by Dimensional Research, is based on an online survey of 304 IT executives working at companies with more than 5,000 employees. The goal of the survey was to understand current experiences with and plans to reduce complexity and cost around architecture modernization.

Key insights include:
  • 100% are modernizing their architecture, although the drivers are wide ranging
  • Almost 3 in 4 are planning for hybrid, multi-cloud deployments
  • 98% face data challenges, data silos being the most significant
  • 95% have concerns about vendor lock-in
  • … and much, much more
“Cloud vendor lock-in creates risks that savvy IT executives must include in their architecture strategies. Almost all (95%) report concerns about the potential for lock-in with their cloud vendors.”
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