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AWS re:Invent 2018 Recap With Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations, DataStax

You’ve heard “Burst to the cloud!” before, but actual practice can be much harder than a simple phrase. There are serious architecture considerations to make from security to network. If you are a user of Apache Cassandra™ or DataStax Enterprise, extending your workloads into the cloud is much easier and performant with AWS Direct Connect. Watch this short interview with Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations at DataStax.

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Active Everywhere — Masterless Architecture Webinar | DataSnax

Today’s enterprises are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud to rapidly deploy new, game-changing applications. While this shift solves one problem—being able to quickly launch new apps—it creates another: data silos. With data stored in on-premises data centers, public clouds, and private clouds, companies spend considerable time and effort coordinating and creating data parity for insights and analytics between these various cloud states.

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Presentations by DataStax

Catch up on industry related talks presented by DataStax thought-leaders in the links below. For more technical deep-dives into Apache Cassandra and DataStax product offerings, please visit DataStax Academy for more information.

Gartner Symposium 2018, Distributed Data Summit 2018, Strata Data Keynote 2018


Customer Success Stories

Hear from a few of our customers below on how they were able to successfully leverage DataStax Enterprise (DSE), the Active Everywhere masterless architecture built on Apache Cassandra. Want to learn more from DataStax customers? Visit us here.

Equinix, SmartThings | Safeway | ING, Macquarie, Comcast, Customer Quotes


Partnering For Success With DataStax

DataStax’s partners consist of global, industry-leading technology and services companies. Together we help our customers increase the speed and agility with which they are able to build cloud applications to derive real-time value from their data. Watch the videos linked below to hear from our partners and for more information on how to partner with DataStax, visit us here.

Microsoft, Expero, West Monroe


Customer 360 in the Finance, Banking, and Insurance Sectors

See how organizations can deliver highly customized experiences to customers using Customer 360 insights with DataStax Enterprise. To learn more about Customer 360, watch the video below and visit this page.



What’s New in DataStax Enterprise 6

What’s needed is a more powerful and scalable alternative to legacy relational databases as well as other cloud database services —one with greater performance, data autonomy, and enhanced capabilities for operational simplicity. That alternative is DataStax Enterprise – the Active Everywhere database architecture. Watch these quick teasers to learn more. To check out the full webinar recording, visit here.

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How to Evaluate Cloud Databases for eCommerce

Today’s eCommerce applications must support an increasingly complex range of tasks, including the ability to access and search a product catalog, create a shopping cart of products, price items and create a quote, specify shipping, calculate shipping and tax, handle online ordering and payment, and more. To surpass the high expectations of the Right-Now Economy, it’s critical you harness the full potential of your data in real time. Watch these quick teasers to learn more. To check out the full webinar recording, visit here.

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Designing a Distributed Database for Dummies

To deliver the personalized, responsive experience customers want, you need technology that delivers. A distributed cloud database makes it easy for you to build always-on, real-time applications that exceed customers’ expectations—anytime, anywhere, without failure, so you can focus on innovation, not operations.

Watch these quick teasers to learn more. To check out the full webinar recording, visit here.

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The ‘Me’ Culture: Presented by DataStax and the Harris Poll

DataStax and the Harris Poll conducted an international survey to find out: Who’s your go-to for recommendations? Do you trust your favorite app? Or your significant other? These questions and more. Check out the teasers below and for more information read this article. Results may surprise you!

Teaser 1, Teaser 2, Teaser 3.


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