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CNCF, Apache Cassandra, Kubernetes, and Prometheus with Luc Perkins

Distributed Data Show 75

In this episode Adron Hall speaks with Luc Perkins about his work at the CNCF, Kubernetes, and where projects are heading and what projects they're working on. Adron also speaks with Luc about docs, projects he's been seeing that are really interesting, skeleton code for projects, and lot's of other topics.


0:14 Introducing Luc Perkins.

0:58 Talking CNCF, Kubernetes, Containers, and the cloud native paradigm.

1:27 Introduction to the presentation at hand with Prometheus and it's status as a graduated project within the CNCF.

1:50 What has Luc been working on that he's found interesting.

2:16 Developer Advocate, a somewhat nebulas title. Presentations, documentation, conference organizing, graphic design, and sometimes - yes, indeed - contributing code!

3:03 Learn what is the most sought after demand from open source teams for help!

3:50 Skaffolding and related interesting technology discussion and why you might want to check it out too.

5:48 Adron describeds why we need to get back to writing code and stop fiddling with Kubernetes. Then discusses with Luc how Brendan Burns, Kelsey Hightower, and others in the community have said the same and are pushing for solutions.

6:38 Luc weighs in on where and why the developer story is still somewhat lacking, and why.

7:10 More details on Skaffold, the yaml, and the respective service.

9:38 Which of the container technologies does Luc use these days.

10:28 One CNCF project that's interesting, Luc talks about - in the sandbox - is Harbor, a kind of Docker hub.

12:10 What will happen the next couple of years? How can we develop more reliably with questionable connections, disparate and problematic dependency repositories, and the like? For example, what about that NPM issue as of late? Luc and Adron discuss.

13:40 What is the direction the CNCF has been moving to simplify and enhance the local development story?

15:32 Luc describes a secret about the meetup, and more on Kubernetes developer story.

17:55 Stepping into the topic of a complex distributed system (Cassandra) running inside a complex distributed systems (Kubernetes).

19:58 KubeCon is coming up in Seattle in December. A few extra details, and a mention about the Shanghai KubeCon!



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Adron Hall

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