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Multicloud Security and Compliance

Amanda, David, and Adron talk about the challenges associated with moving their KillrVideo reference application to a multi-cloud cluster and the many considerations that come into play when going multi-cloud.


0:00 - Welcoming guest to the episode…

1:02 - Why do you need a multi-cloud setup for an application like this?

2:23 - Put on a “successful startup hat” with a surge of users

3:04 - “The best way to learn about something is doing it”

3:22 - Talking about KillrVideo architecture for multi-cloud

5:25 - Was deploying the cluster to different cloud providers challenging?

7:01 - Lifecycle Manager uber script thing

7:40 - Starting into security considerations when moving from a single cloud to multi

8:49 - Caveat on approach we took to handle security

10:29 - Requirement for encryption when exposing nodes publicly

12:15 - Lifecycle Manager allows you to download the cluster CA cert

13:04 - Secure your database communication in cloud to cloud implementations at the application level as well

13:59 - Security is at every level

15:58 - Other providers for connectivity between clouds



Amanda Moran

at DataStax

David Jones-Gilardi

at DataStax

Adron Hall

at DataStax