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Building Modern Data Applications in the Cloud

Many organizations are currently assembling their cloud migration tactics to migrate their existing applications away from a solely on-premises platform approach. Recognize that migration is just a stop-gap effort in modernizing the data architecture and application landscape. Forward-thinking organizations are simultaneously considering their future strategy for building their data applications in the cloud.

The key to the cloud development strategy is simplicity. However, many cloud hosts provide a wide palette of computing, storage, and other value-added services, so application and data architects can get confused when trying to determine the right components to add to the mix. In this webinar we consider approaches that simplify the ways modern data applications are built in the cloud through adoption of more sophisticated “as-a-service” platform capabilities. Working with platform vendors, your organization can simplify development of applications that span multicloud environments and reduce time to value, while ensuring scalability.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Leveraging the right cloud-native capabilities
  • Database-as-a-service
  • Ensuring application scalability
  • Integrating data security
  • Addressing concerns about cloud vendor lock-in
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