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Create new apps faster on the world’s most proven NoSQL database

Stargate is an open source data API gateway that is now available with both DataStax Enterprise and Astra DB. Developers can now use GraphQL, REST, and Schemaless JSON, so predefined schemas aren’t needed to start coding. Stargate gives you simple APIs that work with your favorite languages and frameworks, accelerating development and reducing the learning curve for developers. 

Join Denise Gosnell, Distinguished Engineer at DataStax and Paras Mehra, Product Manager at DataStax, for our upcoming webinar where we discuss and demonstrate: 

  • How does the Stargate Data API gateway work with Cassandra?
  • How does Stargate fit into a Cassandra-based architecture?




Denise Gosnell

Chief Data Officer at DataStax

Paras Mehra

Product Management at DataStax

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