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DataStax Explores C* 4.0

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Developers and DBAs using Apache Cassandra have long been without some of the niceties of SQL. The use of arithmetic operators is a welcome addition to CQL. It offers both the convenience to apply them at query time, as well as the reduction of application code required to process numeric and time series data sets.  

We’ll be there live to answer questions.  We'll walk step by step through an example to show you how this feature really shines when you apply it to time series or event data models.

Key takeaways:

  • Common arithmetic operations (*, /, +, -, %) can now be applied in both the SELECT and WHERE clauses of a CQL statement
  • The use of multiple arithmetic operators will follow the standard order of operations (parenthesis, multiply, divide, add, subtract)
  • It may be necessary to use the CAST function to enforce the desired level of precision
  • Duration abbreviations can be used to filter column values of time-based data types
  • Durations are only valid for types which allow their level of precision


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