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How Apache Pulsar Helps Overstock Win in Ecommerce

As enterprises expand the boundaries of their networks to span multiple geographies in a variety of on-prem data centers and cloud providers, the demands for asynchronous messaging and event streaming become increasingly sophisticated. Organizations can abstract away these complexities by developing a unified messaging fabric that stretches across the disparate infrastructure solutions to achieve a reliable, uniform solution that offers superior capabilities along with a simplified application architecture.

Overstock’s Principal Data Engineer Thor Sigurjonsson and Senior Data Engineer Devin Bost will join DataStax VP of Product Management Chris Latimer to discuss how the leading internet retailer incorporates a unified messaging fabric pattern to satisfy the demands of modern, real-time ecommerce.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why Apache Pulsar provides a compelling foundation for enterprises who want to pursue a strategy similar to Overstock’s.
  • How DataStax Astra Streaming provides a cloud-native solution to accelerate the execution of a unified messaging strategy.


Thor Sigurjonsson

Head of Data Engineering at Overstock

Devin Bost

Senior Data Engineer at Overstock

Chris Latimer

VP of Product Management at DataStax

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