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How to Build Modern Apps Faster with Cassandra and GCP

On-Demand Webinar

Companies are accelerating digital transformation efforts by developing rich, responsive applications that leverage massive data. Apache Cassandra™ as the underlying data store is often seen as the perfect fit to making this a reality because it’s highly scalable with 100% uptime. However, Cassandra is not without its challenges: it’s hard to standup and maintain, hard to create applications for and can be expensive. Astra DB, a Cassandra-compatible Database-as-a-Service on Google Cloud Platform, can address these challenges head on.

Join us to learn how Astra DB can help developers:

  • Create applications faster,
  • Reduce the administrative burden for operators
  • Streamline architectural considerations with its serverless, API first approach.

We will wrap up with live demo of a rich, interactive application built on Astra DB.

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