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How To Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership for Cassandra

Everybody wants data without limits - infinite scale, zero-downtime  and software velocity without going over budget. The weapon of choice is Apache Cassandra™, but how do you control data costs and complexity without sacrificing performance? The answer to this is serverless Cassandra! No more nodes, no more servers, no more idle/wasted capacity. 

Join us as GigaOm presents the results of their study that empirically validates how serverless Cassandra saved 76% on TCO compared with self-managed Cassandra. Learn:

  • How to model expected costs of Cassandra workloads
  • How serverless Cassandra reduces infrastructure and operational costs
  • What are the criteria and tradeoffs for migration decisions?

Can't make it to this webinar? Join us on 4/15 for the EMEA broadcast.


William McKnight

Analyst at GigaOm

Alvin Richards

Field CTO at DataStax

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