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Innovation Around Data and AI for Fraud Detection

Financial service institutions have unique challenges when it comes to fraud and are facing ever-more-dangerous threats. ACI Worldwide, a payment systems company that serves 18 of the world’s 20 largest banks and 300 of the world’s largest retailers, has an extremely close view of these fraud-related challenges and threats, a view that has allowed it to become an innovator in fraud detection.

Join Ken Chenis, Chief Architect at ACI Worldwide, and Kartavya Jain, Product Marketing Manager at DataStax, for a discussion on how ACI Worldwide is allowing banks to combat fraud affordably and effectively via a patent-pending method that makes data readily available to AI/machine learning on historic information yet also available in real time for live transaction processing.

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Ken Chenis

Chief Architect at ACI Worldwide

Kartavya Jain

at DataStax