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Successfully Migrate a Kafka Application to Pulsar

Apache Pulsar is rapidly drawing the attention of forward-thinking enterprises by offering event streaming capabilities similar to Apache Kafka but with features to modernize MQ and JMS based platforms. It's the perfect choice for enterprises who want to consolidate their messaging middleware onto a unified, global, hybrid-cloud messaging platform. 

In this webinar, Zeke Dean, a highly experienced architect with expertise in both Kafka and Pulsar, will show you how simple it is to take an existing Kafka application and, with a few easy updates, turn it into a Pulsar application. He will also cover:

  • The benefits you gain by adopting Apache Pulsar
  • A step-by-step process to transform a Kafka app into a Pulsar app
  • How to seamlessly migrate message data from Kafka into Pulsar


Zeke Dean

at DataStax

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