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Time To Modernize Your Database: Making The Move To NoSQL Is Easier Than You Think

Modern enterprise application demands are high—they range from location dependencies, continuous availability, high velocity data, high data usage and user activity to massive data volumes and scale.

Based on firsthand deployment experience, Apache Cassandra™ expert Brian Hess will dive into the differences—as well as the similarities—between developing modern applications for NoSQL versus relational databases, and will focus on:

  • Query languages
  • Data models
  • Application methodology
  • Tools and drivers

He will discuss the many benefits of building applications for NoSQL distributed database Cassandra, and why it’s easier than it may seem, especially for those familiar with a relational- based data layer.

Join us to see how making the move to NoSQL is easier than you think, getting higher value from your applications today and going beyond what you can achieve with legacy relational database technology.

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Brian Hess, Strategic Solution Engineer

Brian Hess

at DataStax